Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Passage of Hope is a local organization run by young women for young women. Our goal is to empower young women in Zimbabwe through education. Our vision is ‘an empowered and independent young woman’
As Passage of Hope organization we realize the importance of education in young women in Zimbabwe not only for their own personal being but for the whole nation as a whole. Education has the potential to uplift and change the quality of lives for young women in Zimbabwe. Educating a young woman is a future investment that will benefit the Zimbabwean economy through the eradication of poverty.

Passage of Hope is committed to the financial and social empowerment of young girls and women in remote areas in Zimbabwe at every stage of their development from primary to tertiary education level. The main beneficiaries will be young girls and women who face challenges such as lack of finances to pay for schools fees, walk long distances to school and early marriages. We will focus on the family structure in an effort to promote parental support and involvement. This cannot be successfully done unless parents are involved. Girls and young women between the ages of 8- 25 years will be the main target because of their vulnerability to school dropouts, early marriages and pregnancies.

At Passage of Hope, we believe young, Zimbabwean women should not be encouraged to get married young, but rather they should be encouraged to get an education. This will allow them to gain employment and financial independence. Educating young women will not only benefit the individual but the nation as a whole by reducing unemployment which will subsequently reduce poverty and increase population growth. An educated child has less probability to be exposed to exploitation, violence and poverty. She is more likely to succeed socially, economically and politically. In a socio-economic crisis, the number of girls who are out of school tends to increase and they become socially disadvantaged. It has been proven that educating women is the main key to breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty because it:
 Decreases infant mortality
 Decreases maternal mortality
 Decrease child marriage
 Decrease population growth
 Increase involvement in the political process
 Decrease domestic and social violence

 Improve socio-economic growth
Passage of Hope does not condone early marriages and we believe in advocating for the educational advancement of young women. We advocate for policy changes that support the rights of young women. The legal marriageable age for young girls should not the 16 years. Young girls should be given ample time to develop mentally, physically and emotionally. There is a strong need to revise Customary marriage laws in Zimbabwe to ensure that girls are not getting married at very young ages.


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