Samantha Mutoredzanwa

Samantha Mutoredzanwa

Founder & President


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Samantha Mutoredzanwa is an inspired innovator and visionary with a passion for the youth in Africa. As a young woman who grew up in 🇿🇼 Zimbabwe, Samantha identified with many of the challenges growing up in the country. Due to the scarcity of community-based support programs for young children and youth,she decided to use her limited resources to form an organization that helped the young women of her birth town in Zimbabwe. As the founder of Passage of Hope,she created the means to empower young women by donating the necessary tools they needed to further their education. She started with donating her time, her own books and clothes to the young girls and she realized that the little support had begun to make a big difference. Her efforts inspired members of the local community to aid her and her organization gained even more traction. currently, Samantha's organization is able to support 17 girls in the community by providing education, food and as well as clothing. The Although this is a monumental achievement for the organization, there is still a growing need to continuously empower young women in Zimbabwe. Samantha's story continues to inspire others into building the future leaders of her country. Together, she believes we can all lend a hand and continue to create a Passage of Hope for the future. ♥

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